Katharsis was created as a forum which could bring together those who believed in the magic of words—as readers and writers of all kinds!

If you passionate about reading, if you love writing and if you believe in the transformative alchemy of words, this is the place for you!

We propose to curate a series of immersive experiences around specific genres so that lovers of books can find themselves in a space with others like them and share the joy of a community that loves the same things!!

We plan to bring together readers as well as writers of a specific genre, to engage with each other and understand as well as appreciate what makes the other side tick. These will be informal but well planned events where you can enjoy dialogues, discussions, debates, meta-analysis, and maybe even some specially crafted thematic meals!

Smart machines are here to stay. Not to replace finance executives, but to make their processes more intelligent.

Featuring The Hackett Group’s Bryan DeGraw. Amid a panoply of mobile apps and cloud-based tools for business travel, employees have more ways than ever to generate expenses, which means that finance leaders require more efficient ways to manage them. For example, the expense management workflow finance leaders have long relied on entails approving expenses only

The Game is On!

We launched Katharsis with the most popular literary figure in the English language—
Sherlock Holmes!

We discussed the original inspiration for Sherlock, and shared information about Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and his life and works.