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Katharsis started as a result of our deep passion for books and the love of reading!

We had always wanted to create some kind of forum where we could interact with other booklovers. We dreamt of getting into a caravan library and travelling the country! We wanted to set up a writers’ retreat in Goa. So these are small steps to making all those dreams a reality. 

Katharsis was created as a forum which could bring together those who believed in the magic of words—as readers and writers of all kinds. If you passionate about reading, if you love writing and if you believe in the transformative alchemy of words, this is the place for you.

We curate a series of immersive experiences around specific genres so that lovers of books can find themselves in a space with others like them and share the joy of a community that loves the same things. We plan to bring together readers as well as writers of a specific genre, to engage with each other and understand as well as appreciate what makes the other side tick. These will be informal but well planned events where you can enjoy dialogues, discussions, debates, meta-analysis, and maybe even some specially crafted thematic meals!

We launched Katharsis on 9th Feb with our favourite– Sherlock Holmes!! This was followed by one more event on Sherlock Holmes, then one on Shakespeare Ka Swag. 

We celebrated the world of magic through the event Witches, Wizards and Wands. 

We conducted an event on Agatha Christie which included reading by torchlight as well as a murder mystery to solve!

On 17th August we held an event at TitleWaves, Bandra on Sherlock Holmes.

We discussed what a genius Arthur Conan Doyle himself was and how far ahead he was in understanding the role of ballistics, blood spatter patterns and maintaining crime scene decontamination and how  even Scotland Yard took a few decades before they incorporated all these techniques into their protocols!

We had a short fun quiz conducted by Arundhati Dalvie who asked us to figure out our Holmes Mania Quotient!

We had the audience divided up into four teams –Mycroft, Moriarty, Sherlock and Irene and had an informative and engaging quiz.

Audience members shared their first expericne with Sherlock Holmes! Some of them had read Hound of the Baskervilles in school as part of English reading, while some discivered it in Marahi and some knew of him only from the BBC show.

We discussed how in this age of superheroes, Sherlock still maintains his status because he uses only his own Mind Palace, analysis and deduction and the occasion urchin or homless person! He does not need radioactive spiders, or fancy iron suits or Vibranium shields to work his own brand of super power!

The teams put on their thinking hats and gave answers rapid fire and some bonus questions were also answered with alacrity!

Moriarty team won with a large margin and one of their members Praneel was given a special prize for having answered so many of the questions!

We had some cosplaying too!

At the end of a wonderful event we took a group photo on the steps and look forward to meeting these booklovers at the next LitFanFest !

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