Sherlock Fan-Lit-Fest

Do you eat, breathe, love Sherlock?

Whether it is the Arthur Conan Doyle original or the BBC show, we have something exciting for you at the Sherlock LitFanFest!

Gates open at 12 noon on Sat 9th Feb. At ‘Windchimes’, Hill Road, Bandra West.

What do we have in store for you?

We have speakers from the Sherlock Holmes Society of India talking about what they do, to medical students explaining how House MD is like Sherlock and how Feluda was inspired by the World’s Only Consulting Detective.

Join a discussion around the transformative power of fanfiction and the various interpretations of Sherlock across the world.

Discuss cases from Conan Doyle’s books and participate in a quiz.

Take a photo with Mrs. Hudson and eat at Speedy’s Cafe. Wear the deerstalker hat and sit on the client chair at 221B Baker Street.

Indulge in some cosplay and browse through Sherlock and their mystery novels.

If you love Sherlock, this is definitely your division! The lit fest will end at 4:30 pm; the stalls will be open till 6:30 pm.


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