Night at the Asiatic Library

We have been creating a series of immersive experiences around specific genres so that lovers of books can find themselves in a space with others like them and share the joy of a community that loves the same things.

After hosting events on Sherlock Holmes, Shakespeare, Witches, Wizards and Wands, we now bring you Night at the Library!

If you have ever found yourself reading a spooky story after sunset, or have discovered the thrill of reading a book by torchlight, in a silent room with only whispering pages to keep you company, and you want to relive that experience then join us.

We will be discussing Agatha Christie’s mystery books, so if you are a fan, do join in!

Limited seats so please do register online. Follow us FB/Insta @katharsisindia
So please be at the venue by 5.30 pm and do not forget your torch!!


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